S1.5 Federated Boeing

Paris’s group of neo-anarchists is ready for a big move on the Federated Boeing facility in Auburn, which is the corp’s main site for building some of the more experimental and technological aircraft in its retinue. They’ve been prepping and scoping out this site for half a year now and are ready to finally strike after obtaining the important supplies they need from an unknown supplier out of Seattle.

Paris’s team consists of:

- Paris, who is primarily staying somewhere safe and serving as the “handler” of the mission from afar.
- Mayday, a human decker. Worked at a tech-support center that contracted work out to some of the megacorps for five years, got completely sick of it and managed to use his surprisingly good decking skills to get into Paris’s group.
- Tex, unsurprisingly a human Texan man, tasked with being the smooth-talker of the group. Has a southern-gentleman air about him.
- Red, elf girl with a shaved head. Sassy, fitted out with cybernetics, and likes to make loud noises in the form of guns shooting off rapidly. Muscle.
- Roger, ex-UCAS human soldier. Was in as a combat engineer for a year before going AWOL into the Seattle slums. He knows explosives the best out of the entire group, which isn’t necessarily saying much.
- Jazz, mohawked human. Jumpy, energetic, and eager for action. Muscle.

The general plan revolves around sneaking in multiple agents into a sort of mix between a tour and a way for Federated Boeing to show some stock-holders and investors why they should keep their interest in the company. The tour involves going through a long, boring, and stuffy aviation museum , followed by touring some usually restricted, hard-to-reach locations on-site. In total the targets of interest are:
- Inside of one of the many on-site laboratories which due the research for Federated Beoing’s state of the art flight designs.
- Automated factory floor which produces much of the highly-specialized components of said ship.
- A hangar containing one of Federated Boeing’s experimental bombers. Not included in the tour, but the face team has a sure-fire way to manipulate the investors into demanding a peek.

The face team, consisting of Tex, Red, and Roger are to slip inside with provided identities posing as stock-holders. They’re to blend in, mingle, and provide distractions so Roger can plant and rig up explosives on as many sites as he can. In order to keep the ruse going, the decker must be escorted to a security jack-in point located off the tour in one of the on-site office buildings. Once he’s jacked-in he’ll be able to closely survey the team and assist in making sure they’re not caught. The timeline goes as follows:

-9 AM: Team meets, goes over plan once again and prepares to head-out. New guy (Steal) is given basic instructions to wear the provided janitorial suit, get in a vehicle with Mayday and Jazz, and escort Mayday into the site. Do not talk, do not look suspicious, and let everyone else do the talking. Only serve as muscle.
-10 AM: Team convenes and splits up. Tex, Red, and Roger get into one vehicle. Steal, Jazz, and Mayday into another. Paris does not go with either team.
-11:30 AM: Face team show up to Federated Boeing Facility after having switched cars, vehicles, and donned their new identities. All have altered their appearances with wigs, shaving, dyeing hair, etcetera to conceal identities partially, so they can switch back after the job and make it harder to be tracked down. All of their given identities check out surprisingly well and they head past the checkpoints to the stockholders meeting. Infiltration team is supposed to show up by now. Gets stuck in traffic.
11:54 AM: Infiltration team finally shows up in a maintenance van with spoofed ID chips with fake ID’s establishing them as janitorial subcontractors checking into a new shift to clean out the office building.
12:05 PM: Face team has made contact with the group of stockholders and are now trying to blend in in the pre-tour lounge. Large group of about sixty important, wealthy, corp-connected people there so they blend in easy.
12:20 PM: Infiltration team makes way past check-points and into office building, heading towards the twenty-first floor. Floor is full of offices, cubicles, and white-collar workers. Infiltration team poses as janitorial crew going through normal maintenance and makes way into a security office which a week early was shut down for renovations and repair for unknown reason.
12:30 PM: Tour begins. Face team and stockholders led through aviation museum and continues to blend in.
12:43 PM: Decker jacks into point successfully. Alters security-scanning abilities of checkpoints past the museum so the ID’s that were given to the Face team hold up.
12:51 PM: Face team provides distraction so Roger can sneak off and plant plastic explosives across various displays.
12:58 PM: Infiltration team successfully adjusts security scanning procedures to make them significantly weaker so Face team can move to next point.
1:00 PM: Museum aspect of tour finishes. Scans are done on stockholders before moving to factory tour.
1:15 PM: After being transported to factory, tour of factory begins.
1:28 PM: Face team provided distraction, Roger sneaks off and plants explosives on a maintenance conduit linked up directly with the reactor powering the experimental factory.
2:00 PM: Tour guide announces that tour will end abruptly due to heavy rain and they will not see experimental flight. Face team engineers outrage until the guide agrees to show the plane in the hanger.
2:30 PM: Face team are brought to experimental plane. Roger plants bombs. Tour draws to close.
2:40 PM: Infiltration team make way out of office building, leave without causing disturbance.
2:50 PM: Tour ends, face team begins to leave.
3:10 PM: Explosives blown as both teams have already left the site.
4:00 PM: Team reconvenes at factory, celebrate job well done.

-Tex is pissed off at Paris. Why? He loves Red and has had a little thing going on with her for awhile now. Paris allegedly has been having a little fling with her during this relationship behind his back and he found out recently, leading to high tensions.
-Red is actually a Knight Errant plant who’s deep undercover. She doesn’t intend to bust the group as her handler would prefer it if she got them on something bigger, especially as Federated Boeing is a competitor to Ares’s Aerospace program.
-Mayday accidentally runs into some Blackice IC, going into hardcore biofeedback and foaming at the mouth after he successfully adjusts security procedures.
-Roger fucks up explosive planting and one goes off prematurely, making the team have to adjust their plans to get the rest of the sites blown up without going guns-blazing.
- Jazz gets over-zealous and kills a curious security guard before the other two can react. They then have to hide the damn body.

S1.5 Federated Boeing

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