S1: Bagged and Booked

One by one after the Yakuza Nightclub incident, the case which Knight Errant was planning to slowly build-up against the crew was instantly brought to the forefront, and the investigators in charge made the decision to bring them in now before shit got even worse. One by one, unless extraordinary measure are made, the runners will be captured at gunpoint and booked.

All captured players will be detained, lock-up, treated like shit, and stripped of absolutely anything moderately useful. Cybernetics will be forcefully disabled, magical users will be equipped with both mage cuffs (painful shocks are delivered as soon as nearby magic is detected) and mage masks (cuts off line of sight, disorientates, and prevents astral perception), and anyone significantly large or imposing will be handcuffed with extremely durable cuffs just to be safe.

Arrested players one by one will be brought into an interrogation room, with a detective by the name of Samuel York inside. York is a grizzled, no-nonsense detective in his mid-to-late-thirties who’s been with Knight Errant in Seattle since they got the contract. He’s been personally following this Shadowrun Crew case since it started popping up, and has great interest in the crew. Dark, short-cropped hair, dark circles under his eyes, and square glasses perched across his nose, all while wearing the stereotypical detective dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

After trying to pry for information and get them to agree for a potential plea-deal, any runners who are still free will likely be captured with the information, booked, and held indefinitely for a few days. They’ll finally be retrieved from the depths of the KE Downtown Precinct, to be shoved into a beige, empty conference room with a fresh pot of coffee and comfy chairs. After a few minutes of talking to each other again, Detective York will walk in actively talking over to his comm-link, chugging coffee, and smoking a cigarette.

Basic explanation will be that Knight Errant has MORE than enough shit both legitimate and illegitimate to pin on them. Both the local government and mass media would love to go absolutely wild on a group of suspected “terrorists” shooting up a night-club. Knight Errant could lock them up into the shittiest prison in Seattle easy. If they somehow managed to break free and escape, they have the entire Seattle Yakuza gunning for them wanting their heads. So they can try their luck with that if they’re cool with a personal vendetta against them. So their only real option is to play-ball. Knight Errant needs disposable assets, and a bunch of wild Runners is just good enough for them. Essentially a wildcard they can throw to flip the table of local criminal politics while having deniable plausibility that covers them in the event they fuck up.

First job will involve a small neo-anarchist cell operating out of Auburn. Neo-anarchist cells aren’t anything out of the ordinary in Seattle, plenty of young, edgy adults tend to form into cells every now and then, half of which don’t really progress into anything serious except a bunch of bitching about the corporate state. Some do eventually turn into small-scale terrorist cells. Usually there isn’t much of a larger hierarchy, but recently some of these cells have been getting supplied with some decent gear they usually aren’t able to scavenge or smuggle in.

The specific cell they want them to go after is one led by a small-time anarchist who goes by the name of Paris. Not much info is on him, most they know at this point is that he’s out of country and likely SINless, along with his physical description. He runs a small cell of about twelve people, but due to recent crackdowns from up-top in regards to certain constitutional violations in regards to some of their magic uses, brass is largely limiting any actual, significant investigation or arrests of those in the cell.

Therefore, the runners are to conduct surveillance on the anarchists, try to discover their plans, attempt to figure out where the extra gear is coming from, and potentially foil their plans in the action and let actual KE sweep in to get a nice little PR victory.

S1: Bagged and Booked

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