Eddy Kosky, Club Owner: A rugged-looking Ork with a crooked nose, slightly lopped-off ear, and the face not even a mother could love. Doesn’t stop him from dressing for the occasion though in whatever business-casual he can keep his hands on. Runs a popular club in Redmond called Crusher 495 which Michael has played a few gigs at in the past. Keeps good relations with Eddy because he’s a fan of, “Real Goblin-Rock.”

Street Rumors: 8, Alcohol: 8, Media Stars: 6, Local Bands: 8, Sports: 6, Local Gangs: 8

Johnny the Roadie: The scrappiest-looking Ork you’ll ever meet, looking almost as thin as a normal human does, his tight-fitting, punk-rocker attire not really doing him any favors while he’s at it. Short, green mohawk serves to get the attention of anyone nearby, and his friendly smile is damn near perpetual around even people who really tick him off. Was the roadie/unlicensed pyrotechnic for the band Michael used to play in. Knows the ins-and-outs of the Roadie business, who’s who in the local music scene, and likely still has plenty of knowledge about various types of “pyrotechnics.”

Missing since the week that followed after the group getting arrested. Last seen en-route to a gig.

Explosives: 8, Bars and Clubs: 6, Mechanical Security: 8


Rikki, Shaman Storekeep: Ork Rat-Shaman who aptly fits the storename of Rikki’s Rathole, the foremost magical tailsman shop/dive bar in all of Everett. He’s weedy, small, wearing clothes that look like they haven’t been washed in a few weeks, and always tends to have a few rat “friends” on hand somewhere. No wonder they keep getting poor health-inspection reviews.

Magical Theory (Mentor Spirts): 10, Magical Threats: 8, Magical Theory (Talismans): 8, Magical Traditions (Shaman): 12.

Harry “Flamboyance” Brown, Magical Barkeep: Elven bartender of the dive-bar underneath Rikki’s Rathole. Meeting him, you’ll instantly know why he’s called Flamboyance. Dresses in loose business casual that isn’t closely maintained and groomed, albeit almost entirely in whatever extravagant color he feels like wearing that day. Used to be a wageslave who worked for Fuchi back in the day (when that still existed), parted with them due to “differences in business practices.”

Mac, Cab Driver: Missing. Didn’t show up to work, taxi is missing, and he hasn’t been in his apartment all week.


Laze, Delinquent Decker: Real identity unknown, but Laze is a small-time decker who spends most of his time watching his favorite trids, anime, and occasionally pulling massive pranks on people he finds distasteful. Cocky, a bit annoying, but for the most part, knows his drek when it comes to the Matrix, and has his foot in a couple of decently-big Matrix scenes.

Roger Belvin, Ares System Analyst: Quiet, unassuming, and has a prevalent, “Don’t rock the boat”, mentality. Is clean-cut, brown-haired, a bit squirrely-looking, and has a definite “over-eager intern” look about him. Used to man the cubicle adjacent to Jacob’s, knew each other decently enough, and was originally going to be in on the escape from Ares Jacob plotted. Backed out last second yet still hesitantly stays in contact with Jacob occasionally.


“Mama”, Russian Mother: The mother of “Vlad”, Mama as she’s typically called is outwardly a small, aging woman with wisdom beyond her years. She’s knowledgeable about quite a lot of matters that would seem beyond someone like her, and has been around long enough to remember how things used to be, as well as having a few more interesting bits of information and know-how up her sleeves. Unfortunately, she has a wide variety of medical ailments that confine her to Vlad’s home most of the time and is also a horrible nag.


Eddy McLain, Shark Lawyer: A cheap-suit, a passing grade on the BAR exam, and a friendly smile can take a man in plenty of directions, but for Eddy McLain, this led to him ending up as sort of a local go-to for shadier types who have gotten in trouble, and have just the right amount of cash to hire someone decently competent at their job to represent him in the court of law. Sure, he isn’t the most honest of lawyers, or the most knowledgeable, but he has connections, and he’ll guarantee your freedom or (most of) your money back!

Lizzie, Club-Hopping Socialite: The product of absent parents and an overinflated trust-fund, Lizzie is an elf girl in her early twenties who spends most of her time shopping, partying, then recovering from those two so she can do them again the next night. Despite a rather arrogant, party-girl attitude, she stays absolutely up to date on who’s who, the next big hang-out spot for the “in” crowd, and knowledge on the recent fashion trends and popular media.

Jacob Wolfe, Ex-Lonestar Cop: Seattle wasn’t always ran by the grim-faced Knight Errant, Lonestar used to have the contract for the entire city. Sure, they were corrupt and easily bribed at times, but they had a human face and worked more like actual detectives that pure security more often than not. Unfortunately, the switch over left many of the Lonestar security forces unable to secure a job in other corporate venues, and many were left unemployed or forced to work small-time security gigs. Jacob Wolfe is washed out, potentially an alcoholic, and not as good as he was in his prime, but this middle-aged beat-cop has seen pretty much everything a cop could see in the book, along with plenty of drek outside of it as well. When it comes to crime, criminal connections, or anything regarding both sides of law enforcement, he’s a good repository of knowledge if you can get past the excessive whiskey, smoking, and ranting.

MISSING. Went out on his usual round of late night drinking after investigating. Never made it home.

Spike, Drug Dealer: Drugs of all kinds are incredibly popular in a city like Seattle, especially when more often than not, Knight Errant has better things to do than busting small-time drug-dealers. Spike is one of the many people who fill this need, and while he isn’t a high-up, fancy dealer, this Ork has a decent amount of criminal relations with some of the seedier underbellies of the area, and can also get you plenty of drugs to boot.


Abe Heep, Ex-Runner Bar Owner: About thirty years ago, Old Abe used to run the shadows, although it might not look like he did today. Unlike most Shadowrunners, Abe got out while the going was good, and with some of his cash decided to open up a bar of his own, Basil’s Faulty Bar. An out-of-the-way, low-key place, Abe runs it as a place for those related to the Shadowrunning community. Being a vet of the business, Abe has plenty of insights and advice to give to newbie Runners, although it isn’t always for free.

Crazy Joe, Gun-Store Owner: Crazy Joe is a presumably Southern, usually only half-coherent owner of Crazy Joe’s Discount Gun Emporium. It’s frankly a miracle this man is somehow still allowed to run his own gun store, with his “eccentric”, perhaps somewhat explosive attitude, but for the right amount, he can hook you up with all sorts of goodies.


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