“Seattle is a bastion of Shadowrunning just teeming with opportunity, omae. I’d go as far as saying no single city in the world has more backstabbing, plotting, and sheer high-octane action than any other city in the world! And right now, chummer? You picked the perfect time to jump right into the job. Gangland is flexing their muscles: Vory, Yakuza, Triad, Mafia, you name it, all wanting a bigger piece of the Seattle pie. Politicians are at it again too, the up-and-coming Mayor election is lookin’ like it’s gonna be a big one, and nothing creates more job opportunity than local politics. Sure, the mega-corps are still trying to frag each other up, but that’s the only thing that doesn’t change around here.

You want my advice, newbie? You only really need to know four things: watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon." – Jack Araki, Seattle Fixer.


Shadowrun RFHS