Rebecca Delacroix


Corporate executive Rebecca Delacroix, 33 is the Technocratic candidate who was also running for the Mayoral chair prior to the incumbent’s murder.

Delacroix, Vice President of Ares Macrotechnology’s Seattle office has strong backing amongst the Corporate Court as she campaigns for more rigorous security patrols to maintain a lower level of criminal activity in the economic centers of the Metroplex.

Her focus comes heralding multiple large attacks on citizens of Seattle, notably the Mayor’s assassination, as well as several explosions and fires that investigators theorize are connected to shadowrunners. Her push for relaxed regulations on the Knight-Errant security contract resonates heavily with citizens in A-rated zones and above.

Delacroix is no stranger to controversy either. Her tumultuous marriage to FBI Assistant Director William Masterson ended after allegations arose that their relationship led to the quashing of evidence of Ares wrongdoings in Chicago and Detroit.

Those allegations were not enough to sway a grand jury, however, and Delacroix was not brought to trial. Her marriage ended soon after, and she moved to the Seattle operations branch of Ares Macrotechnology.


Rebecca Delacroix

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