Melns Bruninieks


A self-proclaimed ‘servant of the people of Seattle,’ Melns announced his candidacy after Pierce’s assassination, stating that it was the catalyst for his entry into local politics.

The entry of a Great Dragon has stirred no end of rumors in all corners of Seattle, with the rest of the known Dragons in the UCAS area remaining conspicuously silent – without even a press release acknowledging Melns’ existence.

The most curious tidbit of information to come forth from Bruninieks’ announcement was the admission that his entire campaign will be self-funded with any and all donations to his campaign to be donated to various charities in the Seattle area. Stating that ‘special interests are ruining this city’, Bruninineks has pledged to bring the various corporate interests and criminal syndicates to heel, despite rumors stating that Bruninineks has covertly offered to many criminal organizations that he’d be willing to, “reset the scales” of the UCAS legal system.


Melns Bruninieks

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