Andrew Mercer


City Councilman Andrew Mercer, 43, is one of the few candidates who was running in the Seattle race well before Pierce’s assassination two weeks ago. An avowed public servant, Mercer has expended political and financial capital to push through the “SINs for the SINless” initiative. This project is expected to provide over 200,000 valid UCAS SINs to poor and needy individuals not registered in the Global System Identification Network, thereby making them eligible for national health and welfare services.

Mercer faces some controversy as one of the lead Council members to back the Lone Star contract that previously served the Seattle Metroplex’s security needs. That contract was rescinded in 2071 after a disastrous response by Lone Star security forces in the wake of the Winternight attacks of that year.

Mercer has powerful backing through wife Clara’s nonprofit organization “Helping Hands” as well as the socialite circuit as he is in position to push through their numerous philanthropic projects.


Andrew Mercer

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